We've changed our name!  CivicFeed is now PeakMetrics

Media Intelligence

We help you manage your brand reputation, track competitors, amplify your story, and measure media impact.

"PeakMetrics picks up stories from smaller publications that Google Alerts doesn’t always catch."
Kayla, SKDKnickerbocker
Kayla, SKDKnickerbocker

Media Intelligence + Social Listening

We scour millions of sources every day and let you know when your organization, your competitors, or any phrase is mentioned.

Advanced Filters

Rely on our smart algorithms to tailor your search and find relevant acronyms and nicknames for your search terms, while dismissing organizations and people with the same name.

Discover Trends

Measure changes in media narrative over time. See how often a topic is mentioned on social media and who is talking about the issues you care about.

Identify Journalists

Discover the people behind the stories. Determine the topics that journalists write about, their influence, and recent stories. Build contact lists and find the right people to talk to.

Prove Impact

Learn how people and organizations adopt certain phrases, or how news stories are getting shared on social media.

Use powerful analytics to inform your strategy and break your story into the channels that matter the most, then measure their success.

"It’s been so easy to be aware any time our agency or one of our issues is mentioned."
Mary O’Doherty, Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Mary O’Doherty, Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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