We've changed our name!  CivicFeed is now PeakMetrics

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Whether you want to understand public opinion, stay up-to-date on your competitors and industry, or track the journalists who talk about you and the issues you care about the most, PeakMetrics is your one-stop-shop for owning and understanding PR in the ever-shifting digital media landscape.

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PeakMetrics helps you understand
public sentiment.

Our user-friendly platform provides you with the tools you need to understand the media coverage of the issues that affect you, leverage data-driven insights, produce reports, and inform your digital communications strategy.


Working with the tools you already use, from Slack to Hootsuite to your mobile phone, we can help you understand what’s happening in your world.

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Our mobile app means you can set up and receive alerts on the go, read articles instantly and share them with your team – saving you time, and helping you react faster.

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